Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Bride with beautiful green eyes and red lips

Photo: Alex Bocok

Family photo shoot in a kitchen

Autumn wedding. Bridal hair do with tiara and intensive make-up

Photo: Brigita Pinne

Dark blue wedding. Bridal blue make-up and hair do

Photo: Alex Bocok
MUAH: Diana Vonda-Krieva

PATRON magazine photo shoot. Theme: Summer time. Colour make-up, glitter body art and curly hair

PATRON magazine model with henna. Wild make-up and hair do

Photo: Aleksandr Shadrin
Model: Mari Ausht
MUAH: Diana Vonda-Krieva

Romantic photo shoot in a tub

Wedding make-up

5 different make-up looks from SOTHYS seasonal collection Spring/Summer 2019

Photo: Alex Bocok

Tasty and fruity photo session with day make-up

Photo: Alex Bocok